Friday Nov 21

HSNP under new Management

Since the beginning of July 2013, HSNP is located under the Ministry of Devolution and Planning in the Directorate of Arid and Semi-Arid Lands. It is managed by the National Drought Management Authority.

                   Below: Linkages of HSNP with NDMA strategic framework

The primary driver behind HSNP is the persistence of chronic poverty and hunger in arid lands. The programme is designed to protect vulnerable households from shocks, with payments that both cushion the poorest families on an ongoing basis and protect a much wider group of people during crisis. In this respect it differs from other cash transfer programmes which generally, although not exclusively, respond to needs that are determined by an individual’s identity (such as pensions or OVCs).

For this reason, HSNP is managed by an institution with specialist understanding of food insecurity in arid lands and with the mandate to manage and reduce drought risks. The commitments under phase two of HSNP are also an integral part of the Drought Risk Management and Ending Drought Emergencies Medium Term Plan (EDE MTP) for 2013-17 (part of the Kenya Vision 2030 MTP II), for which the NDMA has responsibility. HSNP is one of the flagship projects within the EDE MTP.

                Below: NDMA structure from National to County level

At the National level:

• HSNP2 can fall in either the Directorate of Resilience or that of Response

• HSNP2 regular cash transfers under normal conditions boost resilience of the target communities

• Whereas during emergencies the programme can be scaled up to respond to crisis.

• However, for convenience, HSNP will fall under the Directorate of Resilience, Department of Technical Services.

• The NDMA CEO will be directly responsible for its management whereas a Programme Implementation and Learning Unit (PILU) will be responsible for the daily coordination of HSNP and its officers will be recruited by March 2014.

At the County level, HSNP

• Fall under the County Drought Coordinators (CDCs), linked to their performance contract

• Is implemented by NDMA Drought Response Officer

• NDMA field officers at the sub-locations (to work directly with HSNP staff, RCs).